Peking Opera Mask


Peking OperaPeking Opera is the “National Opera” in China and it is famous all over the world. During the tour to Beijing, besides enjoying the beautiful natural landscape and the historical sightseeing, enjoy a Peking Opera Show will be really wonderful. The old theaters usually play the classical repertoire of Peking Opera. If you are interested in Peking Opera, you could order the tickets through the internet.

Peking Opera is a special make-up with national characteristics. It is based on certain personality, temperament or a particular type of figures for the use of certain colors. Red mask relate to the warriors of strong, such as Guan Yu, Qie Wei and Chang Yuchun; black mask in Peking Opera reflects staunch, upright, brave and even reckless, such as Bao Zheng, Zhang Fei and Li Kui; yellow mask reflects vicious brutality, such as Yuwen Chengdu and Wade; blue or green mask in Peking Opera, said some rough and crude hot-tempered characters, such as Dou Ambassador, Ma Wu; white mask general said the traitor, the bad guys, such as Cao Cao and Zhao Gao.

As each historical figure or a certain type of person has an approximate spectral type, like singing and the music, so it is called “Facebook” in Peking Opera. On the source of the Peking Opera Mask, the general view from the mask. Color painting of Peking Opera facial makeup is basically divided into three categories: rubbing face, face towel and hook face. The original role of Peking Opera Mask is just exaggerated the characters of the facial parts and facial textures, exaggerated the performance of the dramatis personae of personality, psychological and physiological characteristics, in order to service for the entire drama of the plot. But later the mask of Peking Opera has changed from simple to complex, from coarse to fine, from outside to inside, from shallow to deep, which becoming a nation of characteristics, to the facial expression means for the Graphic Arts.

The role of the mask in Peking Opera, in addition to said character, it could also implied the role of the various situations, such as Xiang Yu’s eyes painted “crying”, suggesting that his tragic ending; Bao Zheng frown hinted that he thought hard to worry about; Monkey with monkey-shaped face suggestive he is a monkey in deed. Another role of the Peking Opera Mask is close to the audience psychological distance.