Peking Opera Costumes


Peking Opera CostumesPeking Opera is the quintessence of one of its clothing but also with a strong Chinese characteristic. Peking Opera costumes into coats, two suits, three coats and cloud shoulder four categories. Peking Opera coat is one clothing line of business within the division, and its existence is for the actors to create the role service. From a technical function in terms of the tube, mix, bar, Le, the so-called management and maintenance of clothing, responsible actor in the show serve dress, special characters Zhale, coat, have strong skills in the management of operation and the name of fashion identify and create different types of people dress, this branch of the performance of clothing has played a role in ensuring, for the artistic integrity, to achieve the desired effect, playing a fund-raising wisdom and ability, coat line of business dealing in art has its own scope and characteristics.

Coat class name in the use of various apparel has it a certain range, such as: the performance of the emperor and the imperial court officials and other names as the characters typically wear python, occupying local officials wearing official clothing, but both python and official clothing belongs to court dress and dress. The identity of the emperor is such as “the roof” in Liu, Peking Opera “Golden Water Bridge” in the Emperor and so on. As the Prince of “Yuanmen cut child” in the Zhaode Fang, as generals, Lian, Lin Guanju Prime Minister, other Zhaotingmingguan, Minister for the DPRK, see the emperor in the face must be worn python. Another court in each historical period has been called “bandits” and dare to court rival, who dare to defy world opinion, but also dare to wear clothes or himself emperor or python Zhanshanweiwang. Such as: Chao Gai, Song Jiang. Prefect of the performance of local officials, the magistrate may wear official clothing, there is a line on stage, Peking Opera “Xiangfu seven items official”, also shows considerable wear with official clothing caught in this capacity, such as the “seven items Zhima Guan” in the magistrate “Sue San” is necessary in the Pan, Liu Bingyi and so on. Another Peking Opera novel of women’s clothing styles – the costume, it produces breakthrough in the traditional system of Peking Opera costumes and performing the stylized suitcase, Peking Opera master Mei Lanfang costume is in the planning of rehearsal, Mr. “diffusing” when for innovation, Mr. Mei draws on ancient paintings of fairy costumes, a change in the traditional costumes large flat, forming a plum’s costume series, now has a new history of women play the main dress.

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